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24-4-2014 RETURNING

It seems that I have left this blog behind for a while but I come back now. I have been practising for English Drama Night 2014 Think Big since form 4, I hope this will be one of the best and unforgettable memories in my entire life.

There are something that we mustn't forget...


I can't help feeling brilliant about getting rid of the exams cuz' it is f****** us, students. I'm really relieved and we have a great afternoon today. We watched "The Darkest Hours" and took sticker photos (I suppose this is the correct name), laughters, pranks, like going back in time.

I'll go crazy in the holiday,
Though I still have to finish my homework

I've been drawing a picture these days.

The City of the Future- nearly finished



19-12-2011 Last School Day of 1st term

Today is the last school day of the 1st term. Tomorrow will be the Christmas Celebration and the day after tomorrow will be the school picnic. There will be exams after the holiday and that makes us feel relieved though we still have to hand in some homework during exam week. This is gonna be the busiest holiday I have ever had. And still remember my birthday? It is on 3 Jan, which is the first day of exam week!! How disappointing!! But anyway, I can't the my birthday nor the exam dates. So, just keep up with the studies. OMFG! Should I feel happy or sad?

One last thing I must mention- One of my classmates, Annette Chu is going to leave Hong Kong and go to Australia to continue her studies. I've known her since I was P.3, but her others friends have known her even longer. Many of us cried after hearing the news. I wanted to cry too but I'm just not the kind of people who won't mind crying in front of others. Anyway, she is so nice to everyone, the happiest moments I had with her were having lunch together with other friends and science lessons. I will never forget about these and I will miss her so so so much!!


The uniform tests of the 1st term are finally over and that sounds great. However, the damn thing is I'm having the exams less than a month after the tests. I have no idea how come the schedule of this school year is so tight.  I can feel the pressure on me as if I were carrying a tons of rocks.

Moreover, I think there aren't any secondary student in other countries or cities who is as busy as I'm. How bad the education in Hk is! And the high pressure makes many teenagers suicide every year. The government officals of the education department are really "completely rubbish". The government officals' job is to serve the citizens but not just to earn a living.

But the worst of the worst that I can't stand is the national education. Recently, I've been doing some newspaper clippings for the project which is about the national identity of the teenagers in HK. I learnt more about national education in HK. All that I can say is- I'm speechless. I don't want to mention my comments about the national education here again. Briefly, the concept of the national education is just making you to remember China and Chinese are the best which is nonsense.

Last few words-

1. I don't know why I'm so unlucky to be a Chinese and I am NOT proud of that.

2.HK is better than Mainland China but NOT much.

3.I feel frustrated.

4.I'm writing this because.....I just want kill time and make myself feel better - of coz it doesn't really work. Bullshit.

4-12-2011 Birthday and Exam Count Down

I don't know if Birthday should be the most relaxing and happiest day in a year. However, almost every year I' have exam or other events on my Birthday so I cannot have a celebration on the exact day. I feel really bad about that. Although there will still be exam on this 14 years old birthday, I hope I can get over it and focus on my exam.

Anyway,  let make a countdown for it.

29 days left!!

The cake of my 13 Bday


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